Resolutions for a Brave New Year

Choreography: Stephanie Heroux, 2010, Boston, MA. This piece is about facing the vices and burdens that weigh us down, and taking the first steps towards freeing ourselves from those weights.

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Event: Capezio A.C.E. Award Competition 2011
Category: Performance
Keywords: Jazz Inc, Brave, Heroux, Boston,
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Overall rating: 4.7
Votes: 83
389 points


#18 Beautiful
This piece gave me chills. Really stunning.
#17 Needs more rehearsul
The opening lines were so simple to follow and the choreography not that hard, yet so many dancers were out of synch with each other. Dreary music and dreary costumes.
#16 Loved it
That's REAL dance. Nice use of canon and themes. I like the odd number of dancers that still works---it can be difficult to do that in an ensemble piece.
#15 <3
LOVE IT. So inspiring!!
#14 Wow
This is fantastic!!

#13 Aww Inspiring!
beautiful building of the movements and resolutions that are acheived from within.....aww inspiring...
#12 Awesome
I loved it!
#11 You rock, Steph!
Beautiful! I so miss dancing to your choreography!
#10 Awesome
Just beautiful.... so soft and elegant,and reflections of elegance. Keep up the great dance... Good luck you deserve to win.
#9 ;)
I'm very glad I came across this!!! very relaxing experience,Thank-You and best of luck to you in all you do=)

#8 Excellent!
Good Luck! The Dance is beautiful!
#7 Amazing!
Great job-good luck!
#6 Awesome
Loved it! Good luck!
#5 Fantastic
Great job Stephanie!
#4 Found it!
Found it, had to register and take the confirmation e-mail out of my SPAM folder in order to vote... Worth it. Very nice. Good luck Steph

#3 Beautiful
Absolutely beautiful. Good Luck!
#2 lovely!
Beatiful work Stephanie :) Loved the ending
#1 Love it
I love how so many different elements, such as the mid-dance costume change, have combined into this one dance.
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