Jess Hendricks

ACE Awards Submission, 2011. Choreographed by Jess Hendricks

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Event: Capezio A.C.E. Award Competition 2011
Category: General
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Overall rating: 4.9
Votes: 420
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#13 Jess Hendricks
I have loved Jess and her amazing choreography since I first met her ( about 10 years ago)! Unique movement from a great and generous spirit.
#12 Jess Hendricks
You have a brilliant vision and an amazing way with movement. I love it. Jenny Schiff
#11 Inspiring
Jess has a very special vision.
#10 I have always loved Jess's choreography.
I gave the dancer's a 5 and the choreographer a 5, but I think it is more like a 15 for both, off the charts! -Keely Brooke
#9 Jess Hendricks
Knew Jess was an exceptional coach & choreographer, however it wasn't until my son (who was considering leaving dance)watched said "sick" and asked if she might be able to create something for him..... now that's inspirational power at it's best!!!!

#8 Jess Hendricks
choreography that is like no other! Sparks an emotion with every piece! Amazing!
#7 Beautiful
Extraordinary, Jess. Love, love, love. -Alex Little
#5 Jess hendricks
This is sick fabulous! Love it!!!
#4 Jess Hendricks
Absolutely BRILLIANT!!

#3 Jess Hendricks
Jess's choreography never disappoints. LOVE this...
#2 Jess Hendricks
Love this choreography!
#1 Jess Hendricks
Jess is an amazing choreographer using innovative movement vocabulary.
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