Fields Of Gold

Lyrical dance performed at a Relay For Life fundraising performance.

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Overall rating: 4.4
Votes: 23
102 points


#13 ....
you are a very very talented dancer, and your mouvement is passionate but, using your face would add alot to the performance. Fantastic job!
#12 Nice... Classic Lyrical
this is lyrical as it was and as it always should be this is beautiful great work
#10 beautiful
great! lovely!
#9 Performance
your lines are pretty your feet are fabulous emotion is awesome I can see that you take many ballet classes.. FABULOUS!

#8 Great job
I can see your really well trained. Beautiful dancing.
#7 sbp
hi sbp.. i voted..happy? u better be
#6 Great!
Great control! Beautiful technique, great song choice, and really nice choreography. I would say you should definitely be in the running for the cover model search! If you don't win, you'll still go on to big things. That's for certain. :)
#5 Stunning!
An absolutely beautiful performance! I LOVED the choreography! Keep dancing!!!!
#4 wow
your dancing is how I wish I would dance! keepon going and never give up!

#3 very
very good inpressed
#2 Beautiful
Beautiful work. I really enjoyed how you mixed up your choreography to make your dance interesting. You clearly feel the emotion of this piece and you share that very nicely with your audience. Keep up the good work! You have lots of talent and potential!!
#1 fields of gold
very balletic.very very pretty!!!!but if you are going to a lyrical solo dont do so many torchetays and when you do your leaps try to put your arms in a "V".but i loved it : )
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