The "U"

Capezio A.C.E. Award Finalist 2010

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Overall rating: 4.9
Votes: 78
386 points


The coreography is phenomenal, so are the dancers.
#7 amazing routine
this routine simply moved me. it was awesome. excellent job performers. Hats off to the choreographer for an amazing routine
#6 Captivating Routine!!!
This is absolutely beautiful......
#5 Awesome Routine
These girls are talented! WOW!!!!!!!
#4 Music in motion
Great movement from the start... beautiful to watch.

#3 5 OUT OF 5!
Something about this choreographer catches my every time!!! I was just so interested the whole time and never blinked once! The story told through this dance really touches me... GREAT JOB!
#2 beautiful routine
The beginning of the dance was so interesting and grabbed my attention from the first movement right till the end. Love the concept. Great idea with the boy moving at the end, did not expect it at ALL. Great job as a group!!
#1 great choreography
what a wonderful routine. so elegant
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