Birdz Du Canada

This piece was performed by 7 Elite Company dancers that represented Team Canada at the IDO Showdance World Championships in Germany. Choreographed by Kim Barker

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Overall rating: 4.9
Votes: 566
2,794 points


#15 WOW WOW WOW!!!
#14 hm......
this dance looks exactly like a piece i just watched called owls du freak... :S
#13 Eye Candy
These girls are truly amazing - graceful, energetic, absolute energy - incredible dance moves
#12 Pure entertaiment
this is one of the most amazing routines that l have ever seen. Job well done by these wonderful dancers and this amazing choreographer.
#11 Simply Amazing
The choreography for this routine is simply amazing. This is a class act. The choreographer is awesome. She does wonderful work.

#10 Canada Birds are...
Sexy, fun and brilliant! The choreography ROCKS!!!
#9 this routine rocks!!!!!!!
awesome outfits, music, movement. What more can l say... I LOVE IT!!!!!!!
#8 absolutely amazing
awesome choreography. these girls are very talented.what a blessing to show this routine on a world stage.
#7 Unbelievable
One of the best routines I've ever seen. These ladies are truly a work of art.
#6 Blew my mind!
I never knew choreography could be this amazing!!! I just sat their in amazement the whole time.. YOU GUYS SURE REPRESENT CANADA!

#5 Amazing
Wow, all i can say is impact and what energy!! Way to go!
This choreography is insane in a great way!!!! I can watch it 1000 times and still be entertained:) Two thumbs up to the choreographer!!!
#3 Canada Rocks
what a fabulous routine
#2 owlz du freak rocks
great routine
#1 the song title?
love it .. whats the song name?
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