The Dance

"The Dance" is a piece created through personal experience within a relationship gone bad. So commonly experienced, cheating, and the desperate feeling of longing for the reason "why"? The powerful lyrics of "So i hate you and love you, we're friends" .. "A monster is born" .. "Why can't you take me in your arms" hit a vulnerable spot in me as a choreographer to create this piece through this experience in which impacted my life. How to create this piece with all female dancers brought me to several angry mob of village women, such ideas as the Scarlet Letter, revenge, anger sadness and so much longing in one's soul bring me back to the question of "WHY"? The movement in which you will see in my eyes captures such an emptiness leading into an established longing for something you so desperately have loved, grows into complete anger through the attack of the movement using the body, the deep plies, hand gestures, the neck isolation within the movements, the costume and even the pulling of their own hair in an angry gesture to symbolize being so crazed to want to pull your hair out, is so much of this work. Ending the piece with such a simple calmness allowed me show such a closure once the developed emotions one goes through after such an experience closes out the piece. It has been quite an experience bringing such memories back to the surface to create this, however it is so nice to see the dancers take this work and connect it to things they may have experienced within their own life.

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Can't imagine why anyone would ever give less than a 5...deserves alot more like 10
THANK YOU all so much for your love and support through your comments. As for TAYLORP, being an artist who created this piece from my heart and personal experience, i have to say the choreography was fulfilled and is AS IT SHOULD BE! UNIQUE, PASSIONATE, STARTLING, VULNERABLE... so much. clearly this is not material for a TONY AWARD but the thought is appreciated. i stand true to my art and my dancers ALWAYS within every piece i create and that is what makes PRODIGY so unique. again THANK YOU.
#15 Needs work
Good effort overall. Good music. Choreography needs work. Who knows though, with a lot of work and practice there could be a future Tony winner in this group.
#14 Passion
The passion for dance lives through the choreography and soul of one of the most talented dancers...Shane Hall you are a breath of fresh air and your students prove this time and again!
#13 LOVE!!!!
Shane Hall you are AMAZING and you poor your soul into all of your dances..These girls are so blessed to have you. Girls I get goosebumps every time I watch this..You all poor your hear in to this and it shows. So proud!!!

#12 Perfection!
I am entranced each time I see this! The connection that these dancers have between the music and the choreography is sheer perfection!!! Kudos, Shane Hall!!
#11 Wonderful Spiritual Piece
Completely Awesome with a wonderful spiritual feeling. Amazing dancers and talented leader, Shane Hall.
#10 Chills!
This video gives me chills every time I see it! Definitely tells the story it is supposed to tell!
#9 AMAZING!!!!
This song captures me each and every time I see it. These ladies captures heart & soul. The way these ladies connect with the music and put all of thie heart & soul into it...simply beautiful. Another GREAT job Shane Hall and all of these young ladies!!!!! Love it!!
That was the most beautiful dance, I've ever seen. Absolutely brilliant!!!

#7 Just brilliant
The movement is executed with just the right amount of intensity that it evokes real emotion out the audience - THAT is art created by true artist! Fantastic work Shane Hall and the Prodigy Dancers! :)
AMAZING, loved, loved, loved it! What passion in this dance. Great job girls.
#5 Awesome!!!!!!
Lucky to see it up close and in person! Brought tears to my eyes! Congrads to all.....
#4 Perfectly passionate
Bravo Prodigy Dancers!!! And BRAVO Shane Hall. This dance was just perfectly passionate and wonderful.
This dance has given me chills ever since the first time I saw the girls mark it in the studio months ago - I STILL GET CHILLS WATCHING THIS PIECE! CONGRATULATIONS to Shane Hall and Prodigy's Senior Dancers who have poured their hearts into "THE DANCE" - WE LOVE YOU!

#1 Fantastic
You can see the love and the emotions these girls have for this dance they are wonderful.
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