"Spent" - A work in progress

"Spent" is a work in progress about the exploration of overwhelming feelings. Admitting your love to someone too late, feeling loss, and at the same time complete happiness in letting the truth out. Sidenote: This is just the material we've experimented with. this is not a rehearsed, finished, or polished piece. Just a work in progress.

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#13 Drop the Juilliard Name...
... and pick up the name, "Dance King/Choreographer" of the world. :) This was brilliant. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks for inspiring me.
#12 Beautiful! <3
Loved Spent! Awesome choreography! Great job! Huge fan!
#11 Really?
Why do people delibrately register just to leave bitter comments? Whether a school's name is mentioned or not doesn't change the fact that one has trained there formally. You're a class act Billy and don't ever let such people damper your spirits!
#10 Dear palpal3,
I'm happy you enjoyed the music. Keep it classy. Your bestie, Billy
#9 i enjoyed the music!
you should stop using the juilliard name since you're a juilliard drop out. and dont say that you did so b/c there were juilliard students in your cast - if that was the case, you would've tagged fordham/ailey as well. thank you.

#8 Amazing
I want t vote for this and I registered but cant seem to figure it out...any help?
#7 You Are Not Greater Than Me
Yall Just Fans But Im Family Homess Geeeeezusss
#6 guess what.
Ya'll are just fans but i'm family holmes!!
#5 Excited!
Love it, can't wait to see your next show come to the stage!
#4 so cool
I want to see your work more. i love Your dance. Good luck Billy!!

#3 never ceases to amaze
dood seriously, you are something else, the way your mind works and brings those thoughts and feeling to the stage, i felt every part of that routine inside me, Good Luck Billy!!
#2 Breathtaking
I love your art Billy. This was all created and filmed over just a few days too? You're super talented-duh ;) I can't wait to see this dance someday fully developed with staging. Good Luck Billy!!
#1 Overwhelmed indeed
I got your message. Good luck Billy! <3
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