"Depono", an excerpt from "Sway", an original dance opera by Kimmie Dobbs Chan and Enoch Chan

"Depono" is the final piece of our full length production, "Sway", an original dance opera Co-Directed by Kimmie Dobbs Chan and Enoch Chan. "Sway" is set in a purgatorial nightclub--that limbo between heaven and hell--where shadows ignite regret, and spotlights promise forgiveness; where one's greatest joys and sorrows are re-lived over and over. "Depono" can be translated as both "I let go" and "I let fall". Either denotes entering a fire and emerging on the other side... which way will you sway?

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Event: Capezio A.C.E. Award Competition 2011
Category: Modern
Keywords: Depono, DEVIATED THEATRE, Sway, Kimmie, Dobbs, Chan, Enoch
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