Aaron Miller

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Event: 2009 Dance Spirit Cover Model Search
Category: General
Keywords: Aaron Miller apologize lyrical contemporary solo performance
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#7 ok
you definatly have a passion for dancing but the choreography wasn't the best. abit to repetitive with the whole colapsing in second thing. try stretching your legs and feet more and you'd be alot better.
#6 keep working on it
Obviously you have a huge desire for dancing. you also hold a lot of potential.the fuete turns were almost flawless. some of your leaps were weak though,and i think you insert more power in to them.
#5 Well...
I think you have a natural ability to dance, now all you need is the proper technique!
#4 Not bad
The choreography could have been more dynamic, it lacked passion, and the transitions needed to be danced more. However, you have great potential. I agree, it's always nice to see male dancers. Good job!
#3 good
i've seen much better gut=ys but keep working extra hard and go get em!

#2 hay, really great!
omg, i love the fluidity of your movements! beeeutiful! lol
#1 Nice to see young men dancing
Keep up the good work and keep dancing.
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