Lauren Krohe - "Panther" Tap Solo

My 07/08 Tap Solo :) Won 3rd overall here at T.O.P. regionals. And won 9th overall at their nationals this year. My last name is pronounced Kroheee. :P He always says my name wrong, lol Enjoy!!

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Overall rating: 4.7
Votes: 20
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#23 Love it!...
omg ok so u are really good, i love the dance, and ur taps sound so good!!! .... ... .. . haha this is sydney from Slide! Ur awesome!! :]
#22 Very nice
amazing footwork & amazing sounds :) keep up the good work!!
#21 Very Nice
Your sounds were really clean and you looked very confident :) By the way, can anyone tell me which is like the biggest and the most important tap competition that a tap dancer can win? just wondering... Thanks!! :D
#20 Thanks
thank you for the complements. i like the word "tude" :) i usually go for the smiles. my solo isnt really that kind of dance though. when i did do the facials & what not, i was usually criticized on my critiques. But anywho. thanks for your opinion!!
#19 Nice Sounds! But...
Hey! Your sounds were great! You're a wonderful tapper. But, your stage face could use the slightest bit of work... just show a little bit more personality. Instead of just smiling, show some 'tude. That's usually how I knock-em-dead... but hey, keep up the good work! You're feet are wonderful!

#18 :)
Thank you so much everyone!! <33
#17 Very nice!
Yeah! Taps are nice and clean, and it is refreshing to see some real stage presence. Excellent :)
#16 lou ur the best.
you did great. love it.
#15 iloveit.
aweee lou. it looks really good. you did amazing. ILOVEYOULOU! --Alana<3
#14 Great Job
Great Job Dearie! Told you'd I'd register! Hahaha Amazing Job! =)

Great tap dancing, Lauren!! You look so happy too =] <3 Allison
#12 awesome ;)
Great job bug! The rhythm sounded really good! Keep it up!
#11 Wowzers :P
i miss the days when i could actually tap dance.. lol. but even if you hadn't told me about this, i totally would've found it and voted for you! that guy is driving me insane..pronounce the name right fatty!! jk. but seriously, awesome performance :)
#10 Lauren
that was i think the best one ive saw you could hear you lol amazing as always babe love u
#9 Wow...Much Better!
Okay, i just commented on your other video before i found this one. the sound quality is much better, and you can most definitely pick out the rhythms. this piece is very unusual and quite entertaining. nice clear sounds...and great technique. it is refreshing to see some style and grace in a tap routine without all the stomping and attitude.

#8 wow
I've never seen anything quite like that before....but I LOVE it!!! definitely voting for you!!!!!!
#7 So yeah. . .
I don't get tap dancing, but I'm voting for you anyway, partly because you told me to, and partly because you're my friend and you're on the internet. XD
#6 Ahhmazing :]
Awh Lauren! Your ahhhmazing :] I'll deff. vote for youuuu! <3 jaaaime.
#5 great
wow you are great. glad i took the time to watch an excellent tap dancer
#4 Jessi.
LOUU BEAR. you did fab-u-lous =] hehe i loved it! ILYY CHIKAA. (:

#3 this is RAD!
you did awesome! (: definietly voting (:
#2 awesome :]
Love It !! ♥
#1 Lauren Krohe
This is the best!
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