Megan Skalla - Possibility

Megan Skalla, a 15-year-old dancer from The Dance Club in Orem, Utah, won high score Teen solo at the New York City Dance Alliance competition in Salt Lake City on October 21. Her solo "Possibility," was choreographed by Joey Dowling. At NYCDA nationals this summer, Megan was in the top 10 for the Outstanding Dancer competition and was named one of four Capezio 2011 NYCDA Model Search Winners.

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Event: 2012 Dance Spirit Cover Model Search
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#22 Perfect combination of grace and style!
Love this! A perfect showcase for beautiful technique and stunning legs and feet!
#20 honestly
i don't know anyone who is more dedicated to dance than megan skalla. she works oh-so hard. i would kill to work with her in my lifetime. she's a DREAM!
#19 LOVE!!!
I love how fluid and beautiful Megan moves as she dances!
#18 gorgeous
She is without a doubt AMAZING!

#17 Great Legs!
Dancer has great legs but would have loved to see more dancing.
WOW. you are amazing. Look at those FEET!!
#15 WOW
She is beyond amazing! I wish I danced like her!
#14 Amazing!!
This is amazing! She is such a beautiful dancer!
#13 Beautiful Dancer
Megs this is so great! You look wonderful! xoxo

#12 Incredible
Megan is fantastic!
#11 stunning
what i'd give to dance like that... <3
#10 Amazing!
Grace and Talent!
#9 wow!!!
incredible performance, way to go megs!
#8 Beautiful Person,Beautiful Dancer!!
Love you Megan!

#7 Talented dancer!
Megan gets her dance talents from her father!! That and about a million hours of hard work!
#6 Strong and Talented
It is clear that Megan has a strong foundation of dance techniques. She shows strength, flexibility and creates long, beautiful lines of the body. She shows grace and precision in her movements.
#5 So Incredibly Talented!!!
Love this dancer!!
#4 Wow
She makes it look easy!

#2 Amazing!
Megan is simply...amazing!
#1 Gorgeous dancer!
Beautiful Megan!
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