Amazing Grace - Lucy Spring

Lucy Spring Revolution Nationals 2011

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Event: 2012 Dance Spirit Cover Model Search
Category: Performance
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Overall rating: 4.2
Votes: 117
494 points


#32 TURNS!
your turns are SICK!
#31 aaah
you're perfect i love ya
#30 Absolutely Beautiful!
That was amazing, so graceful and beautiful!
#29 WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So great Lucy!! Luv Aunt Nora
#28 Beautiful Interpretation!!
A true Artist! Such strength, unique choreography... you can tell she LOVES what she's doing! Bravo!

#27 I love lucy!
beautiful! <3
Very beautiful. Gracefulness and strength, combined with a winning smile. Great job, Lucy!
#25 Awesome !
Simply outstanding. Congrats !
#24 Amazing and graceful!!!
Beautiful dancer and choreography. I love watching you dance! I could watch this over and over!!!
Such a joy to watch! Beautiful strength and grace!!!

#22 Beautiful
You've been blessed with an amazing gift. It's always a joy to watch you dance.
Beatiful, beatiful dance. I'm so proud of you. Love you lots ;) Zach
BEAUTIFUL LUCY. amazing dancer and person :))
#19 Love this!
Favorite dancer love her!
Beautiful Girl, Beautiful Song, and Beautiful Choreography! She is an incredibly strong dancer and this dance was greatly performed with strong musicality and brilliant personality!

#17 Powerful!
so compellingly beautiful.
#16 Great Job!!
Lucy - WERK!!! Love it love it love it!!!!
#15 Inspiring!!
So inspirational. So wonderful to see a dancer interpret this song in such a strong, beautiful, and technically perfect manner. Fantastic job Lucy!!
#14 Gorgeous!!
Wow! What a great blend of musicality, technical skill and strength. Watching it for the 3rd time now. Great job!!
Beautiful and inspiring performance and choreography! Absolutely stunning! Love this dancer:)

#12 incredible!!!!!
you're so amazing!!!!!!
You go LU LU! So stunning. Makes me wanna cry fro joy every time I watch you dance, as cheesy as that may be...Such an amazing talent inside such an amazing person!
#10 Wow!!!
This is magnificent! I have never seen something so beautiful! Great job:)
#9 Gorgeous!
absolutely beautiful. The dancer executes the moves perfectly with such ease. A joy to watch :)
#8 Simply Beautiful!
What a joy to watch! What an exceptional dancer...simply beautiful!

#7 One of Kind!
Exceptional dancer and person. Joy to see perform!
#6 Simply Amazing!!!
Grace, Beauty, and simply an amazing dancer! What a touching performer and performance!
#5 Amazing Dancer!
What a talent!!
#4 Talented dancer
What a talented dancer you are! Keep up the great work!
This dancer is so unique! Very strong, yet gorgeous. Amazing musicality and performance!

#2 AMAZING!!!!
What a strong and graceful dancer!!! Great smile....I can see you truely love to dance!!! Keep up the wonderful work!!!
#1 Beautiful
This dance is gorgeous. Unbelievable dancer and choreography. :-)
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