Sophie Miklosovic, Awakening Age:11

This is the first performance of my new contemporary pointe solo. I began focusing on just ballet this past fall. My goal is to attend a summer program and hopefully an all-year program. I will be 12 this March.

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#14 Yes she really is 11!
@debijoep Yup she sure does look and dance older! She will be 12 next week ;-). Luckily her age is well documented as a soloist and we just take her birth certificate everywhere! She is hoping next years 7th grade teachers are taller than her 6th grade teachers are!
#13 Amazing job
It was amazing, but my question is, are you really eleven? You are too tall and look much older than eleven.
WOW I'd give you one for the Contemporary Program too!!
#11 YES! Gorgeous performance!!
Thanks for posting this, we saw her at yagp she was breathtaking on stage. This video is a bit distroted she looks taller and thinner on stage in person.
#10 What Elegance, Poise, Control at 11
Wow she is beautiful and has such grace, control & poise at 11! She has true talent.

#9 Wow!
So much potential & talent in one so young. Love watching her dance.
#8 Such Potential!
She is beautiful to watch. Thank you Sophie-amazing to see this presentation in a dancer so young.
#7 You dance with rare maturnity for one yo
Are you truly only 11 years old? Your articulation of movement and the emotion with which you dance speaks of one much older--19, perhaps older. I love your technique but, even more, I love the passion you express through your soul as you move. I will look for you on the world stage.
#6 I'll vote for her!
#5 AWESOME young dancer!
Once again she dances with such maturity and poise. We keep watching for her.

#4 Scholarship Her !!!!
Awesome movement quality.
#3 Like a feather
wonderful just wonderful she has my vote
#2 So Expressive!
Wow, such a joy to watch and strong point work in one so young. Hope she gets the scholarship she has much potential.
#1 Inspiring Young dancer!
Sophie is beyond talented! She has such, poise, grace and control for someone of only 11! Keep up the hard work and all your dreams will be realised!
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