Sophie Miklosovic, Contemporary Scholarship Entry

CONTEMPORARY/JAZZ Scholarship Entry Moonchild 2011-Choreographed by Lauren Adams Sophie Miklosovic, Age 11

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Keywords: Sophie Miklosovic, NYCDA, Hall of Fame, Joffrey Scholarship
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#10 Congratulations!
Congratulations, Sophie on winning a Joffrey Scholarship! You totally deserve it!!
#9 Wow!
What a stunning dancer! Good Luck!
#8 Brillant Performance!
Way to go, Sophie! You look more beautiful than ever. --from some of your biggest fans in Macungie, PA
#7 AMAZING 11 year old!!
Gorgeous dancer to see on stage. She has such presence, poise, movement quality BEYOND her years. Get her to Joffrey asap!
#6 Scholarhip Her!
Fabulous fablulous--never seen an 11 year old dance like this before.

#5 Gorgeous Performance-Scholarship Her!!!!
Amazing sense of her body for age 11, for any age! She is very talented and how a ton of potential. I'd give her a scholarship for sure!
#4 She has my VOTE!
Superb performance. Man her body is cut. What they feeding her cuz she looks so much older than 11? Doesn't matter she is still amazing.
#3 TALENTED young dancer
She is very good. Amazing musicality, she looks like a Teen.
#2 Stunning dancer!
Could watch this over and over. Hard to believe she is 11 she dances with such maturity. Just beautiful Miss Sophie!!!
#1 Beautiful Dancer 11??
That was a gorgeous performance from such a young dancer. Geez, give her a CONTEMPORARY scholarship to JOFFREY!!
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