Garritt ... 'Say'

Garritt (11 years) rehearses his solo, 'Say'

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#6 Nice Expression
I love the passion you put into your movements. I love your feet. Stick your landings in a nice, deep plie so your jumps have a more "lucious" feel. Keep dancing. You could have a career if you keep putting your life's blood, sweat and tears into your training. Don't let anyone pressure you out of your love for dance. Real men are not afraid to express themselves in dance. You are a real man (in training). :)
#5 Awesome Garritt!
So there is one of Soph's NYCDA Mini buddies looking just AMAZING!! Good luck Garritt we have a feeling we might be seeing you this summer ;-)
#4 Wow!!!! Wow!!! Wow!!!
That was AMAZING Garritt!!!!! My fingers are crossed for you!!! Good Luck!!! xoxo (kellyrobertsonmitchell)
#3 I Can't Wait!!!!
It looks great I can't wait to see it performed live on stage!!!! Keep up the great work! P.S. good song.
#2 Go G
Awesome work buddy! This will be super amazing when you clean it up a bit. Keep it up!

#1 Thank you
Thanks for viewing the video. Good luck to everyone.
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