Contemporary piece choreographed by KC Castellano. Featuring the dancers of Performing Arts Academy. This piece embodies heartache in all forms. The kind of pain that rips your heart out and leaves nothing but a void of emptiness. It leaves you wandering and yearning for a sense of relief from the over bearing pressure of having nothing. Thank you to the dancers who were a part of this journey. Without the performers, the choreo means nothing =]

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Event: Capezio A.C.E. Award Competition 2012
Category: Performance
Keywords: contemporary, dance, KC, PAA, clowns, capezio ace awards, dance summit 2012
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Overall rating: 4.2
Votes: 68
287 points


#9 Amazing
Love it! Cassie is amazing!
#8 Tears
#7 great
this dance is very well choreographed and rehearsed.
#6 Something is off...
It appears that the video play back is sped up until the last 10 seconds where you can hear the sound break is where it transitions to normal speed. It makes it look more impressive, and should be taken into account when it is a Video submission contest. Other than that, good job.
#5 Perfection
This was simply astounding!

#4 Speechless
"KC Castellano is an amazing choreographer!!" This piece mad me speechless it was so amazing.. Well done and I wish them luck!!
#3 Amazing
Saw this dance when I was at The Joyce Theater and it was amazing, the choreo is well executed and the dancers transport you to what they are feeling. Well done and good luck
#2 Remarkable
KC Catellano has a gift for telling a story from her soul. Watching this moving piece makes me appreciate contemporary choreography. She uses the dancers obvious technical ability but creates a new language for them.
#1 Brilliance
KC Castellano is one of the most gifted up and coming choreographers I've seen in a long time. This work is set on students, not professionals, yet it has the same artistic quality. Kudos to Performing Arts Academy as well!
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