Joffrey Scholarship Contest - Sisterhood

Bandeja Munir, Joniece Boykins, and Ilanah Israel, are sophomores (LACHSA), from Los Angeles, California, who also dance at Lula Washington Dance Theatre, performing in front of executives at a special event created for them!!

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Overall rating: 5.0
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It's refreshing to see a modern dance. These girls really dance well together. The choreography is very nice. You can see the story of sisterhood. This is not amateur choreography.Great job for someone so you young. Hope these girls get scholarships.
#4 You Go Girls!!!
The girls are great. All their flows and movements are done so naturally. Nice performance, I really enjoyed what I saw. Hope that you all get scholarships.
#3 Choreography
Bandeja Munir has so much talent for someone of her age! This is what she created at 13-14 years of age! She is a bright and shining star! Keeps your eyes on her!! Ilanah and Joniece translate Bandeja's movements so fluidly!! All of them are stars!!
#2 Beautiful dancers
"What a wonderful TRIO performance. They have great potential and the scholarship will support that growth. ;-) " by Momzie
#1 Real Sisterhood!
This is so beautiful They are so in tune with one another. I hope they all gett full scholarships. Fierce!!!!
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