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#4 :)
I think when you land the fouettes your arms should be more in front of your body. You did really well doing the actual turn part. Great job:)
#3 Good
Good job.
#2 A Good Start
- try not to arch your back so much on the fouettes and on the landing - decide BEFORE you do the combination how many pirouette turns you're going to do coming out of the fouettes so that you can stick it - try to think about turning your leg out when it is in 2nd in your turns (it's tough) - use your arms to help you; not hinder you -- support them and use them to help you get around - try to fully stretch your supporting leg on the turns - on landing: lower supporting heel first, then the leg
#1 good
watch your hands and your landing-it was a little noisy. other than that, good
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