In This Shirt

Choreography by Jason Gorman Dancers: Renee Baldwin, Kelley Guise, Nicole Hogg, Mataya Holder-Dade, Leslie Kester, Jessica Monnig, Alexa Palminteri, Meghan Sanett, Destynee Witzel

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Overall rating: 4.7
Votes: 25
118 points


#4 great work
beautiful. thank you for sharing your art.
#3 Beautiful
I'd love to see this piece is hard to get the full effect from a cut video....but I really like it on You Tube or in complete form somewhere?
#2 Great Editing
It is a very well done video but would be impossibly hard to recreate this same experience as a live performance. I really do enjoy the video thank you for sharing it.
Great video! Good luck.
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