Mad Rush

Choreographer: Jaclyn K. Walsh Music: Philip Glass Inspired by the stereotypical image of Wall St. at its busiest hour. Just to walk down the street in the city is a dance in itself. I love playing with the task of giving an image everyone can connect to, while leaving some ambiguity for further exploration. I think we all know what it is like being late in Manhattan...

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Event: Capezio A.C.E. Award Competition 2012
Category: Modern
Keywords: Mad Rush Modern Dance Jaclyn Walsh
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Overall rating: 5.0
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#18 Mad Talented
I would vote for any piece Jaclyn Walsh creates!! I've seen so many pieces she has created over the years. Always edgy and innovative.
#16 Mad Rush
Dynamic! An exceptional piece of choreography! Best of luck, Jaclyn!
#15 Mad Rush Choreographer
after winning the Choreographer competition last night at the Joyce Theatre in New York City is is very apparent that Jackie will soon be in demand for her wonderful Choreography....
#14 Mad Rush
it was seeing this performance that made my daughter switch dance studios. The choreography was like none other and the excellence of the dancers was inspiring.

#13 Mad Rush
#12 Mad Rush
Absolutely Awesome~~~Highest degree of perfection Can watch over and over again Best of Luck JV
#11 loved this
This piece is beautifully choreographed and perfectly suited to the music and the overall feeling of frenetic Wall Street workers. Excellent. Love the mix of ballet and modern. Kudos to the choreographer and to all the dancers.
Congratulations, this is a beautiful piece. Your dancers are lovely and so well trained. You are such a talented artist, I wish you well.
#9 Beautiful!
Jaclyn Walsh is an oustanding and talented artist! Absolutely beautiful!

#8 Dynamic
Outstanding performance of a truly unique and dynamic piece
#7 remarkable choreographer
this young lady is one of those choreographers who come along perhaps once in a of luck for the future
#6 Mad Rush
Love it!!
#5 Mad Rush
Simply amazing choreography!!!! I never tire of watching this piece!! You are so incredibly talented and gifted!!
In a word, FANTASTIC!!!

#3 great
Absolutely amazing! Although I do not know what Manhattan is like, I do know a thing or two about being late and in a rush. Great portrayal. Good Luck!
#2 Mad Rush is Mad Genius!
This is a beautiful piece and very talented dancers! Great Job!
#1 Mad Rush
Good Luck!
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