Classical Hop

'Classical Hop' is about 'conformity versus non-conformity.' In the beginning of the piece, the audience recognizes the theme of conformity portrayed by the dancers as they execute the same steps in fixed patterns. However, as the sections progress, some of the dancers digress from these roles, as in real life when sometimes people allow their hearts and passions to guide them. Gradually, the dancer’s movement evolves which shows that they are capable of existing as non-conformists. This aspect is explored in more detail with two duets and a trio. At the end of the piece, everyone dances together, but the quality of movement has more of a sense of liberation and ownership. The two composers I use in this piece are various pieces by Young Mozart and the final piece is composed by Black Violin. These two composers also work with the theme of conformity versus non-conformity with the use of classical and hip-hop music, and I mimic their idea through dance. I use a combination of classical and modern/hip-hop dance steps respectively.

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Event: Capezio A.C.E. Award Competition 2012
Category: Ballet
Keywords: Classical Hop, Janelle Gilchrist
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