Weight of Silence

A common feeling that accompanies depression is that of being trapped in an intolerable situation. This piece views the hopelessness that many people experienced during the holocaust. Different social interactions within Weight of Silence, show the varying affects of concentration camps during World War II and reminds us war's negative impact not only takes it's toll on soldiers but All men, women and children.

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Event: Capezio A.C.E. Award Competition 2012
Category: Performance
Keywords: Tempe dance arizona contemporary holocaust
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Overall rating: 4.9
Votes: 69
341 points


#28 Weight of Silence
#27 Beyond!
Words! This looks like a professional company! Such talent
#26 Touching!
What an inspiration these dancers are. The passion and technique is superb
#25 Beautiful!
Such a gorgeous piece! So moving
#24 Very Moving!
Simply amazing.

#23 WOS
Simply Amazing
#22 exquisite
This is one of the most powerful pieces I have seen.
#21 Haunting & Beautiful!
A very powerful piece of choreography that really affects you emotionally. A truly immaculate performance by a group of amazing dancers.
#20 Amazing!!
Very powerful!!
#19 Amazing
Amazing technique, performance quality and choreography!

#18 WOW
Awesome technique and amazing choreography!!
#17 Powerful
This dance evokes emotion while displaying impeccable technique. The simplicity of the costumes and the prop got the message across perfectly. Well done dancers and choreographer.
#16 wow
so beautiful holly and dancers
#15 nice Change
Loved it. Refreshing
#14 amazing
incredible to see such a wonderful piece

#13 Top Notch
Loved everything. Dancers, Choreography, Choreographer
#12 yes
#11 inspriational
I absolutely Loved this. I would love to see this company perform more.
#10 great
#9 Awesome
This was wonderful! I watched it four times. Wonderful choreography and dancers

#8 Nice Change
I am so glad to see TECHNIQUE and MEANINGFUL choreography! Thank you, Thank you. I remember you guys at NYCDA and NUVO. BRAVO
#7 brought me tears
this was amazing! It brought me to tears
#6 OMG
This is Amazing! These dancers are exquisite. The Choreography blows my mind
#5 Phenominal!!
Stunningly beautiful
#4 weight

#3 Amazing!
So emotional. Very heartfelt.
#2 Passionate!
Lovely, full of talent and meaning!
#1 Breathtaking
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