Madysen Felber Aurora's Variation

This is of Madysen Felber, 16, a ballet student at Canada's National Ballet School. This was performed at YAGP in April 2010

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#2 Canada's National Ballet School
Thank you bunhead3333! Madysen has been dancing for 2 years now at Canada's National Ballet School and has grown so much in the last two years! However, I do not have any videos I am allowed to upload. She absolutely loves being at NBS!!
#1 You're on Your Way!
I love your extensions and feet. I would love to see you focus on your upper body as much as you do on your lower body. Lengthen your neck and secure your shoulders down.Keeping your core engaged and keeping your shoulders in correct alignment will allow you to feel more grounded and able to avoid hopping in between steps. Also keep your foot pointed when you battement to a la seconde. You tend to flex your foot on the way up.You have a lot of potential. I can't wait to see you dance in a year.
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