Angelorum Lapsus

Tom Richardson www.Tom-Richardson.com Contemporary Jazz piece featuring Dance Etc. dancers.

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Event: Capezio A.C.E. Award Competition 2012
Category: Performance
Keywords: Tom Richardson, Capezio A.C.E. awards, choreography, Dance Etc
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Overall rating: 4.9
Votes: 69
337 points


#18 Angelorum Lapsus
Gorgeous choreography! Wish I saw it live.
#17 Australia Loves You!
Amazing! Come back to Aus soon! :) Good luck!
#16 Dance Etc.
Awesome choreography.
Amazing! Exceptional piece of choreography! The music, the costuming every piece fits perfectly.
#14 Tom Richardson - true visual artist
Beautiful creative choreography! I have watched so many of your pieces and each one is unique, creative, inspiring and leaves a lasting impression. I wish you the best for your nomination for the A.C.E awards

#13 excellent
Wow not only was this number well executed and well choreographed but it was very capturing and more of a performance than anything. Good job ladies and good luck! Also great job to Tom you always have a way of broadcasting your passion and talent onto your dancers.
We always enjoy your work Tom! You outdid yourself! Great job to the dancers as well!
#11 WOW!
Tom, this was amazing! Great work!
#10 Good luck!!
You guys are all awesome and i love you all!!
voting for you babbbbby

this is a masterpiece! the dedication and performance in this piece shows the raw talent and wok put into it. fabulous!
#7 Chills
WOW! Saw this dance at the elite DRA benefit performance in NYC got such chills with the combination of hair, makeup, emotion, lights, and choreography. FIERCE!!
#6 Good Luck
Unbelievable dedication to the emotion and performance of this dance, gave me the chills.
#5 Standout
Wow, what an entertaining performance, so much passion and talent. First saw this at DRA and was very impressed, Good Luck Girls!
#4 WOW
Awesome job by dancers and choreographer!

#3 Standing Ovation
I saw this dance at DRA these girls really know how to perform on a stage. Very capturing, loved it!
#2 Angelorum Lapsus
Fabulous!!! Good luck!!!!!!
#1 Awesome Job Brianna
good luck
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