Choreography: Kelly Stevens Dancers: Taylor Blumenthal, Madison Bunge, Allison Colby, Bridgette Fletcher, Brittany Goetter, Hannah Scott, Kaylee Sloan Videography: Kyle Jeffery Throughout our lives we are told we are forbidden to fall into temptation and commanded to suppress our inner demons. Often in life we find ourselves at a moral crossroad and are forced to make the ultimate decision: For-go the route others may consider sinful or let down our inhibitions and allow our instincts to possess us into taking the path deemed FORBIDDEN….

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Event: Capezio A.C.E. Award Competition 2012
Category: General
Keywords: kelly stevens forbidden kdschoreo
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#1 Love it
My favorite is the beginning. Great visuals. Love the musicality. Would love to hear the story / inspiration behind this!
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