2008 HALL OF FAME CHAMPIONS "Vogue" Roswell City Dance Choreography: Cherrise Wakeham Dancers: Taylor Bradley, Caroline Fagan, Katy Austin, Holly Robinson, Page Kelley, Dane O'Neil, Christy Miller, Torrie Gold

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Overall rating: 4.1
Votes: 25
102 points


#13 FUN!
so much fun to watch! very creative and inventive! awesome costumes! ~Kassandre Renee www.TinyDancer211.webs.com
#12 awesome
Really interesting, unique, and fun to watch! I loved the extravagant costumes too.
#11 Unique
That was a really unique idea with fantastic choreography but, it didn't really match the music.
#10 awesome!
Great job guys! Miss you all!
#9 wow
that was really cool. i like the moves cause they were very different and unique, but i didn't think the outfits and the moves matched the music i thought it was going to be to some weird different music. The whole dance was very cool though i really enjoyed it :)

#8 Cool!
#7 thank you!
thank you everyone for your feedback! i hope you enjoyed watching this as much as we enjoyed performing it. and to the madonna comment, we meant in no way to steal her ideas. she was simply an inspiration to this piece.
#6 hmm
very interesting. good dance but really doesnt go with the music
#5 Really?
This is an afront! Another Madonna track ruined by "competition mentality". Research her dance history, and then question why she doesn't file suit against this display.
of course, work..love it. yes. and duh i'm voting for this. love you alll

#3 looks like fun
great job...great choergrahpy...
#2 Wow
Great job you really hit the couts and you were together sharp and yet smooth
#1 Good Job!
This was really unique and fun to watch....you all are lucky to have such great choreographers!
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