The Promise

2008 HALL OF FAME CHAMPIONS "The Promise" Roswell City Dance Modern Duet Age 15 Choreography: Cherrise Wakeham Dancers: Taylor Bradley and Caroline Fagan

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Overall rating: 5.0
Votes: 27
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#14 wow
honestly the only thing i can say is wow, sorry i realy want to say more it diserves so many words but just... wow.
#13 love it
this was so beautiful i found myself still smiling after the video was over. this dance didnt even seem like a competition dance, it was just pure honest absolutley touching dancing. I seriously watched it over and over because i cant help but smile at ur chemistry and pure love of dance u express i luved it! breathtaking!
#12 amazing
I almost cried at one point out of the pure happiness that this dance conveys. amazing.
#11 very sweet
I really enjoyed watching this and the playfulness between the two of you is great.:)
#10 really good
loved this

#9 :)
favorite dance ever. i love you two.
#8 unbelievable!!
the passion and commitment that you both have given to this piece is truly amazing. I am filled with a sense of appreciation again for the love that people share for dancing. I must also give a huge congratulations to your choreographer. I would love to see more of your work if you have any other videos... PLEASE POST!! thank you again for giving me goosebumps :)
#7 wow
that was sooooo goooooooood!!! i must say i have to watch it a couple more times.
#6 Ohhhh
This is one of my favrite dances ever! I love it. Period>
#5 Beautiful
Usually when I watch dance video's from competition..there is absolutley no emotion evident in the dancers..But both of you really put your heart into the piece. Keep doing what you're doing!

#4 flawless....
I loved the chemistry between you two. The technique was perfect. The choreography was awesome. What more can I say?
#3 Oh My God!!!!
I was speechless after watching that dance. There is something between you two that is amazing! On top of your breathtaking dancing, the choreography was awesome!! Love this dance.
#2 Love it
I've watched it one youtube 100 times! Great job! Love the choreography.
#1 very pretty
This was a pretty dance. Both of you are talented. Great Chemistry too.
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