PraiseTEAM - Arcadia @ IDC Florida 2008 Filming, 2nd take

1. Arcadia - one of the top 9 finalist in the National Entertainment Challenge 2. National Challenge Champions: Arcadia - platinum for Line Hip Hop Hairspray - platinum for Line Character/Variety 3. Ultimate Challenge Champions - Over-all High Score - 3 dance routines tied for first place (Hairspray, Arcadia, In the Ghetto(from New York) To break the tie, they took out the highest and lowest score from each judges’ score sheet: Result: Hairspray - 2nd runner up Arcadia - 1st runner up 4. Mickee Reyes - was among the 6 awarded by Art Stone (IDC producer) scholarship for classes in New York 5. Art Stone Global Entertainer Award (highest award) - Arcadia 6. Arcadia performed for a television spectacular 7. PT had a pictorial for an international dance magazine 8. One of the organizers would like to get ownership for the right to perform Arcadia for another studio – still praying what the lord’s best will is for PT

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#4 awesome!!
hey you should come up to NJ and dance for Prelude EC. Im in a dance group called Project D! go to youtube and search Project D and check our videos!
#3 =)
aww thanks u guys!
#2 Loved it
That was awesome choreography!
#1 Love this team!!!
Hey this is Hayden Hopkins (Jr. ultimate champion).. You guys are soooo good!!!! Please come down to Seattle to compete this year! I'm excited to see us on t.v. soon:) Youtube this!!
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