Entitled Brainstorm, this piece was presented to Toronto audiences as part of Eryn Waltman’s Company production entitled State of Mind, in which she presents a repertoire of her work that thematically explores the social, psychological and biophysical influences that impact behavior. Brainstorm depicts the challenges that are sometimes faced within oneself. For many these feelings are natural and the choices made lead to positive, healthy outcomes. Some however find these circumstances overwhelming. On the surface they function without signs of difficulty or distress but within they agonize to overcome their anxieties and struggle to find inner peace. They seek the temporary easing of pain despite the possibility of harmful consequences and become trapped within the cycle of addictive behavior. The music that accompanies Brainstorm contains coarse language and while not intended, may offend some of the audience members. Dancers: Scott MacDonald, Bianca Melchior, Jordan Clark, Danny Lawn, Alisha Lucchese and Justin Lopes Choreography: Eryn Waltman

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#3 Moving...
This is an incredibly creative presentation of the subject; a display of amazing choreography supported by dancers with incredible facility and strength. Eryn, you consistently excel in your genre; you continue to impact the dance industry with work that is uniquely creative and relevant; and you stun your audiences with your interpretations and story telling. Well done and thanks!
#2 Brainstorm
Fascinating concept(s) beautifully choreographed. Bravo.
#1 Eryn Waltman
Jarring, disturbing and moving all in a great and beautiful way!! erin, you continue to push the boundaries of dance art to levels I never thought were possible...kudos to the most talented choreographer i've ever seen.
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