Differential Cohomology

Commissioned by James Simons and inspired by the mathematical theory of the same name, Differential Cohomology, is based on a diagram of a hexagon. Here “Players” travel in specific sequences, where they encounter moments of intimacy, wild rebellion, and inevitability. This excerpt shows the mysterious “center couple” drawing all players back into the theory’s renewed cycle. The result is the transformation of an idea into an evocative and absorptive performance.

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Overall rating: 5.0
Votes: 10
50 points


#3 Barkin/Sellison Project
This unique conceptually perfect effort to combine mathematical and choreographic genius with dance perfection demonstrates that boundaries between disciplines are flexible and interchangeable. Barkin and Sellison provide an example that illustates the universal and interdisciplinary character of dance. Kudos to the choreographers and performers. Can't wait to see more of their unique choreographic talent to create new and fresh pieces that break traditional modes of expression.
#2 choreography
The choreography this company produces is extremely moving & progressive. I see a bright future for the Barkin/Selisson Project & a treat for the modern dance community!
#1 choreography
Beautifully staged and choreographed. The performers moved through perfectly.
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