"Summer Breeze" Brittani Rooney

1st Overall Award winning Jazz solo 2008

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Overall rating: 4.6
Votes: 132
604 points


#56 GEEZ!!!! SUPER AMAZING!!!!!!
#55 coolio
wow, you are great!!!!
#54 great
you nailed those beginning turns!!
#53 fooled...
wow. you had it perfect every beat! The song suited you so well, and if not you got my fooled! keep up the amazing work!
#52 Nice!!!!
Really nice!!!!!

#51 great job!
Hi Brittani! I saw you at Nationals last summer. You are really good. -mika
#50 yes!!!
Love your style girl!
#49 cover model
I have watched all of the finalists and you are my favorite. I like jazz best and you are so fun to watch. Just thought I would tell you.
#48 Summer Breeze
this is very good. you are a performer!
#47 Loved this solo!
You have a style that is fun to watch.

#46 Beautiful
I loved it! It was like perfection!
#45 Brittani
Wow----Brittani, I remember you from 511 like 5-6 years ago. You have grown up and are an absolutely amazing, beautiful dancer! Your lines and control are fabulous. Wonderful presence too! Best of luck in all that you do! You are destined for great things! Much love, Miss Sara
#44 Brittani Rooney
Very stylish and graceful!! A pleasure to watch!!
#43 Brittani
You've got style girl!
#42 awesome!
Loved it

#41 Summer Breeze
I hope you win.
#40 Brittani
I've watched you dance for a long time and you deserve to win!
#39 yuh!
you rule! Love you Sis!!!!
#38 Summer Breeze
So many dances these days are so depressing. You bring out the "happy" in dance!
#37 Go Girl!
You are the best!

#36 OH
#35 Yeah!
I can feel the Breeze!
Great job!! The girls & I have loved watching you dance for many years! Angie, Megan & Erica
#33 Brittani
This is so much fun to watch - love the fan and your playful nature!
#32 Nice!!!
really good have a style that is so graceful and yet dynamic...

#31 Ahh
#30 summer breeze
great dancing...I like your style! Kelly M.
#29 Great dancing!
I really liked watching your video.
#28 Amazing!
The fan and the choreography are superb! You are such a lovely and graceful dancer!
#27 Brittani
I had to watch your video after seeing how many views you are a beautiful dancer and a beautiful girl. I loved it.

#26 Summer Breeze
Go Girl! Good Stuff! Awesome.
#25 great!
Love your solo Brittani
#24 Brittani
Great job Brittani!!
#23 Brittani
Love this coreography and your style! You are amazing!
#22 Brittani
You are fantastic! So entertaining!

#21 Britt
Good job Britt
#20 Brittani
you are realy good
#19 Summer Breeze
Good job
#18 Amazing Talent!
What a beautiful dance Brittani. Way to go!
#17 great
Brittani- love your interpretation of this song.

#16 summer breeze
Just beautiful. I love this dance.
they don't really care about us!!!! those are some pretty swell moves you got there little sister.
#14 You're on Fire!
Another great dance and incredible movement and feeling. This is one of my favorites.
#13 beautiful dancer
Dance is a delicate balance between perfection and beauty. You bring joyous expression to that balance with your talent and passion. A joy to watch - thank you.
#12 Summer Breeze
I like this!

#11 summer breeze
You are so beautiful and your dancing is perfection!!! Dance must be your passion.
#10 Always awesome!
Bryn and I always love to watch you dance! Betsy
#9 Hi Brittani!!
You are brilliant!!! We love to watch you dance!!! We know you will do well!! Love, Julia and Wendy
#8 Summer Breeze
Brittani-we loved watching this....the girls really look up to you. Love, N
#7 Brittani
great performer

#6 Brittani this solo...great idea with the fan!!!
#5 Great!
Love this solo Brittani!
#4 Brittani Rooney
Great are a really good turner!
#3 Summer Breeze
Beautiful dancer!
#2 Brittani

#1 WOW
Love are good at everything you do.
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