Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close

The choreography for this piece was inspired by Jonathan Safran Foer's 2005 novel and the Stephen Daldry’s directed movie, “Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close”. Set against the backdrop of the tragic events of 9/11 the “worst day”, the story revolves around a young boy’s heartbreaking loss of his father in the World Trade Center attack of 9/11.  After finding a mysterious key, the boy is convinced that his father has left him a final message.  He embarks on a scavenger hunt determined to find the lock that belongs to the key.  His journey reflects his deep trauma and mourning as well as the healing steps taken to recover and understand the world around him.  This dance explores the young protagonist’s struggle between self-destruction and self-preservation and concludes with a positive expression of how the power of self-discovery and perseverance can help overcome a shattering emotional experience. I chose the song “Everything Must Find Its Place” by Sleeperstar as a tribute to Oskar (the main character).  The inspiration of the song lyrics and the musicality supports the storyline throughout the choreography.  I wanted to capture the impact of losing someone you love and coming to terms with that incredible loss.  That day the “worst day” has changed lives forever.  With every loss we can find hope, love and even a miracle. Choreographed by: Kim Barker

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#3 Tears
I felt the passion through the movement of dance. First time I saw this number tears flowed as I watched this number. Thanks for sharing this story.
#2 Amazing!
Kim Barker u r a genius!
#1 WOW
Poetry in Motion!!!
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