Cool pointe shoe effect-no feet inside!

Well I was bored so I decided to mess around with light,my pointe shoes,black socks and leggings and of course....my video camera.....there is no editing involved in this video i did this purely from just wearing black socks!!!I thought this gave a neat effect!!! What do you think??

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Keywords: pointe shoe effect no feet inside ghost feet i_tendu_do_u ballet
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#5 to dark
TO DARK but a cool affect
#4 Dont get it.
I don't get.
#3 Sorry,
but you can tell that your feet are in the Pointe shoes. Love your creativity, though!!
#2 Light
The way the light is hitting your feet, it does not look like empty pointe shoes. However, if you had green tights and a green background in a normally lit room, you could edit it on the computer and that would look very cool!
#1 ummm...
i'm confused what is it suposed to be?
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