Foolish Games

Meredith Jones performing Foolish Games. Choreography by Luke Kolling.

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Event: 2009 Dance Spirit Cover Model Search
Category: General
Keywords: Foolish Games Meredith Jones contemporary solo modern performance
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Overall rating: 4.7
Votes: 56
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#26 im a fan
you are an amazing dancing and from the 2 videos ive seen you are very good at expressing yourself. this song almost had me crying. please upload more videos your amazing.!
meredith...this was amazing you totally deserve to win!!! lov ya girl... -PRESLEY
#24 beautiful
stunning as always...:)
meredith your ana amazing dancer :) good luck!! i hope you win!
#22 WOW
i realy hope u make it dude... ur sooo good, i can dance but not like that! :)

#21 WOW!
Amazingly Beautiful! I'm Impressed! I hope you kick butt in this competition! I hope I have those dance genes in me somewhere=) You seriously need to be on "So You Think You Can Dance".... Love you!
#20 OMG !
meredith ! that was beutiful (: you have a real talent, ya know !
#19 perfect.
This video is absolutely incredible. The talent it takes to pull off this dance is unimaginable, but you did it. This is amazing.
#18 love it
that was really pretty!
#17 holy moly
wow. mere you are absolutely stunning when you dance. you have so much emotion and great musicality it is ridiculous. i love you girl. if you dont win the judges must be on something. :] <33bethany

#16 wow!!
omg this was so incredible. the story you were telling was so sad, i loved it!!!
#15 dude.
dude. mere, this was absolutly heartbraking.. :] in such a great way. i literally had tears come to my eyes.. <33 kionaa
#14 o my god your amazing!!!
hey merideth!!! your soooo good its not even fair!!! i know i tell you that alot but its true!!! i could watch you dance forever!!!! i love how you can do 6 million turns and then just stop, you'll have to teach me how you do that sometime!!! haha!!! you soooo deserve to win because you are definatley the best!!! i love this solo and all your other ones!!! well i could go on forever about how amazing you are but ill just stop there!!! love you girl!!! love johnso!!!!
#13 Outstanding!!
Meredith- What a wonderful gift you have! It appears you have rare natural talent and I think the world is watching and being affected by your AMAZING GIFT!! May you win this contest and all your dancing dreams come true!! You deserve it! :)
#12 wow
meredithh!! you really are an amazing dancer and i reeeeally hope you win because you deserve it!

#11 heaven sent
Meredith you're such an amazing dancer! I don't see how you COULDN'T win the judges hearts. I can tell you put your heart and soul into dancing and it's truely your life. So good luck, and I really hope you win!
#10 speechless
you are amazing! that is all i can say! i know you worked really hard and you can tell it was crazy good!
you are the bestest dancer ever, i almost started crying it was so good. and if you don't win i will punch all the judges in the face.
omg this is like the greatest dance i've ever seen in like my entire life. like i have no idea how this girl can't win. she's really super good.
i've never met this girl in my life but she DEFINITELY deserves to win. i want to be just like her when i grow up, and i've never seen anyone, ANYONE dance as good as her.

#6 beauty.
meredith, you are so amazing! you are such a beautiful girl, and wow, you're a wonderful dancer. good luck meredith, i'm rooting for you!! :) love you!
#5 i love you!!
Meredith, you are an amazing and beautiful dancer. You should absolutely win this contest! I will tell everyone I know to vote for you! I love you girl!! :) Teagie Weagie!
#4 Amazing
Great dance tons of emotion amazing good luck!
#3 hi
absolutely beautiful!!
#2 really good
tou did around 5-10 turns at a time missy!that was unbeleivable!it made me want to watch it over and over again.

#1 Feeling
The emotion in that dance was awesome! The only that I noticed was that you need to get higher up on your feet when you turn because it starts to look sloppy if you don't. Great job I loved the feeling you put into this dance!
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