Welcome to PACHA JAMMA featuring the Destiny Arts Junior Company

DOWNLOAD on iTUNES Check out new music from Pacha's Pajamas, a Children's Pop Musical that inspires kids to be Superheroes for the Planet! We are excited to report that we have been working with the acclaimed Destiny Arts Center since last Fall. This past Spring, their Junior Company production was Pacha's Pajamas and the pilot for our Open Stage program which allows youth groups to use and adapt our stage script. Building on their production, the Destiny kids starred in the above dance video for our song Welcome to PACHA JAMMA. Please SHARE this video on Facebook and Click to Tweet. This October at tbe Bioneers conference, Destiny Arts will be performing to our song Nature Superhero on the main stage. ABOUT THE MUSIC A Story Written By Nature Soundtrack Vol. I (CD). Fifteen tracks featuring 55 artists spanning four generations including Cheech Marin, Yasiin Bey, Talib Kweli, Majora Carter, Lyrics Born, Lester Chambers, Agape Youth Choir and 10 kid stars. ABOUT PACHA"S PAJAMAS Pacha's Pajamas is about a little girl who becomes a Superhero for Nature through her dreams. One night as she falls asleep, the animals and plants on her magi- cal, new pajamas come alive. Disguised as a small gorilla, Pacha discovers an unlikely group of creatures feeling sad about the state of the world. Nature unites to tell its captivating story at a global festival, where Pacha plays her part to bring balance to the planet!

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