behind the wall

This routine is performed by Katie Ann Martinez from Patricia Penenori Dance Center in Miami, Fl.

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Overall rating: 4.2
Votes: 5
21 points


#4 Amazing!!!
i could not stop watching. the song did not really work with the piece, however. amazing performence. very flexible. great technique.
#3 Amazing!
what a strong piece. What a body! What power! Thanks. Truly a great dancer!
#2 what a talent
the dancer is fantastic, committed, and mature. I do not however see the songs lyrics and their connection to the movement, it almost seems like she is dancing to another song. I do not see the pain and anguish in her body that is the lyrics depict. In my opinion the choreography could be a bit more texturized if the choreographer played with timing and let the dancer experience moments of stillness, or suspension. quite a beautiful dancer
#1 Really good
Everything was perfect,except that I didn't see the meaning of the song in the choreography.
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