Hiding Underwater

2008 lyrical duet by Melanie and Alexa from Stars Dance Studio. Double Platinum winner at Showstoppers regional and 2nd place overall junior duet/trio.

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Overall rating: 4.1
Votes: 14
57 points


#10 nice
i think it was pretty good. :) you're extensions are great, teh turns could use a tad bit of work, but it was good overall
#9 nice
very good girls!
#8 wow
what do u call them do u call them turns if soo they need work
#7 =]
Great Job!
#6 The singer is..
Beth Hart.

#5 Good(:
Good job!! Who sings this song?? I love the song and choreography :D
#4 very good!!
This is very good!! I think u should just show a little more emotion!! But other than that, u did a great job!! :)
#3 Pretty Good!
Really nice you have awesome technique! be sure to really show emotion!
#2 wow
I understand why it did so god at commitions!
#1 sad
it makes me sad
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