Beat Club: STRIVE

There are a lot of people going through hard times. Sometimes we let things get in the way of our happiness, health, and our passion. Sometimes we have to strip those things away to remember what's truly important to us. So in this piece we symbolically strip away the beats, the synths, and the instruments... and let the message move us. The storm will pass. Never give up. There is always a way. "Dance like you're trying to save a life" - Eric Choreography by Eric Samson, Alex Susanto, Ruzhdije (Dia) Begu

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Overall rating: 4.8
Votes: 141
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#16 Beat Club always leaves me speechless
This performance gives me the chills every single time I watch it.... You guys are inspiring artists, thank you for this great piece! *applauds*
#15 Message
Choreography is well matched to the message: work hard to achieve greatness!
#14 Amazing performance!
This dance is so moving and inspiring, it bring tears to my eyes every time i watch it, and I can't stop watching it! KUDOS TO THE CHOREOGRAPHERS, KEEP IT UP.......
#13 Amazing Performance!!!
Truly inspiring!! Awesome choreography!!
#12 super!!!
That's really great!

#11 Five thumbs up!
Breathtaking, moving, inspirational performance! Good luck, Beat Club!
#10 Beat Club - Strive
Phenomenal!!! Thank you Beat Club for this love response to the trials and tribulations that plague so many. Thank you for using the talent that God blessed you with to show His love!!!
#9 strive
wonderful fulid movement
#8 Awesome
Great performance BEAT CLUB CREW!
#7 Beat Club: STRIVE
Really well done!!!

#6 Very touching performance
Great choreography and awesome performance by these kids. Love the beat club crew...good luck:)
#5 Very moving performance
Loved it... Found it to be very moving and emotional, love the energy!!!!
So encouraging to see these young,aspiring entertainers deliver such an inspirational message to people everywhere!!!
#3 Awesome
I LOVE BEAT CLUB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
#2 You guys are great!
Go Beat Club!

#1 Dope Vid
Awesome energy and moves. I wish you luck!
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