The Top 6 Posture Mistakes You're Making / Dance Survival Kit

In this somewhat cheeky video tutorial, I show those that may be newer to their bodies how to stand up a little straighter in 6 steps. The hope is to initiate conscious, healthy habits that result in non-dancers looking & feeling more confident while potentially relieving basic neck & back pain. Sign up for the email list at for more free video tips & daring original performance. Thanks! Jamie Benson

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#4 Dance Survival Kit
Nicely done. It's great that you give detailed focus to the basics. Proper posture is key!
#3 Posture Video
Very informative, for dancers and non-dancers. The extra little humorous touches made it a full 5 vote.
#2 Posture Video
The humor is incredible. It keeps you interested in what could be rather boring, but of course important. Loved it!
#1 Posture
I enjoyed this video very much. It's informantive yet done in a light & humorous fashion. Very cute.
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