Tori Paone - Dance Spirit 2008 Cover Model Search entrant

Tori Paone - 2008 Dance Spirit Cover Model Search entrant

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#5 woah!
that was great! i would never be able to dance like that at your age! you have an amazing extension, and your energy is great! i liked the fouettes you did. personally, i stink at fouettes...
#4 oh yeah one more thing...
also if you dont see how great she is check her out on youtube type in her name and you will see something called "gone" this is her.She is also great there and that was when she had a heart problem.Mind you that there she is only twelve and she is still amazing.P.S. can you not trash talk my friends and my dance studio becuz if you dance and we went up againsts your studio we would win.We always cream the competition.
#3 She is wounderful.
U know what "lady101910"?I happen to go to dancin on broadway and she is a great dancer.Horrible choreography is it?Then why does it always get platnuims then?Plus it is a group dance.She is just as a solo here.They all have partners.It is a boy grl dance.And showing her talent better?Which of her other 12 dances would you like to see.She is great.She always gets high scores and top placements.You don't know what your talking about.I'd like to see you do better.
#2 great dancer
horrible choreography.... you could have shown her talent much better than this.. and whats up with the random guy running in for two seonds at the end?
#1 WOW!!!
That is so awesome!!!! Love the ending. Future Dancer
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