Choreographer Lindsay Nelko Dancers - Alexis Frederick, Alexandra Haverstick, Andrew Kyrzyk, Kelsey Pooles, Morgan Pooles, Ashley Robson, Allison Slonosky & Sara Thompson

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Overall rating: 4.8
Votes: 177
854 points


#21 Good Job Dancers!
Amazing!!! i love it everytime i see it!
#20 Great!
#19 excellent!
Looked very complicated and amazing! Great work!
#18 Innocence
This is an absolutely incredible video. Shirley McDonald
#17 Wow
Incredible Piece! Wow!

#16 innocence
#15 Innocence
Amazing choreography and superbly danced!!
#14 Innocence
Amazing choreography and superbly talented dancers!!!
#13 Wow!
Amazing dance!
#12 Dance Magic!
Riveting! Watch it a few times to really see everything. There are so many layers to this choreography.

#11 Lindsay Nelko
Keeps you rivoted. An exciting piece!
#10 Innocence
I am awestruck by Lindsay's evolving creativity - such amazing depth and breadth!
#9 Extraordinary
Incredible piece! Love it! So inspiring!!!
#8 One of a kind
"Innocence" takes the audience on a unique experience through the captivating choreography, one of a kind concept and devotion of the character the dancers are portraying. All I have to say is WOW!!!! Lindsay Nelko is a genius!
#7 inno-SENSE
The complexity of this choreography draws you in, just like the dancers on tether, and altogether spellbinding.

#6 Wow !!!
Very unique and riveting
#5 Incredible!
Powerful piece. Unique concept and execution -with more to see each time you watch. Love the opening and the ending!
#4 Congrats
Very unique and inspiring choreography. All the dancers seem really into. Can't wait to see you win!!
#3 Wow!
I could watch this over and over again! The choreography is so intricate and unique. One of my favourite dances to be apart of ;) love everything about it!
#2 Intense & Mesmerizing
Fantastic concept. Has me sitting on the edge of my seat everytime I watch it.

#1 Fantastic!
Great performance of a unique and intense concept.
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