Gaynor Minden Pointe Shoes

I had to take about 3 months off from ballet from an injury and so these are my new pointe shoes that fit properly! they are gaynor mindens and they are so.. great, costructive critique welcome, I have been on pointe now for a total of two weeks so be nice! ahhaha

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#10 good job
i like your video very nice
#9 wow!
her feet are kinda sickled and she's not on her BOX all the way
#8 ught oh...
gaynor mindens dont let you use your muscles so they dont really train you. i wouldnt suggest them to anyone who hasnt had 5 years of experience. i hope you dont have pointe problems later in life.
#7 shoes
i have gaynor mindens too and even though they're broken in already compared to other pointe shoes you still have to work on breaking them in so you can roll through your foot properly.
#6 on the bloch
u must try 2 get fully on 2 the bloch when i first started pointe i wasnt realy on them but know ive improved good luck just keep practising simple exercises good luck!

#5 =D
hey, great job! i mean, only 2 weeks? congrats! i would watch out for getting over your box. you do usually in parallel, so that's good! when you're in first, try to push over with the top of your foot, not just with your toes because that will cause you to knuckle over. but all around, great job for 2 weeks!!!
#4 good job
you did a good job, but when you went on point sometimes you did not get on your boxes very well. so be carful at home with out a teacher with you.
#3 sickling
be careful not to sickle
#2 pointe
you need to pointe your feet instead of letting your shoes do everything. and don't do pointe at home with out a teacher
#1 getting over boxes
nice video but i noticed u didnt get over your boxes some of the time try to get over them more it will help u from getting injured again
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