(fe)malefaction- Michael Susten

Michael Susten's Xhale Dance Company performed at the 2013 APAP Showcase at Peridance in NYC. This piece was also featured in the Nov. 2012 issue of Dance Teacher Magazine. Choreographer: Michael Susten

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Event: Capezio A.C.E. Award Competition 2013
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#28 Jazminebell
Would love to work with you one day! So powerful. Thank you for posting this!
#27 Love it
Another great number by Michael Sustan. Keep up the great work.
#26 #22 Michael
this dance is absolutely amazing! these beautiful dancers are such an inspiration to a young lady like me! The choreographer of the piece is an absolute genious. goodluck to everyone!!
#24 Amazing!!
This guy is the best teacher ever! His choreography will win an Emmy one day!!!

#23 Amazing!
Best teacher ever!
#22 Michael
Incredible piece. Can't wait for you to come inspire our girls again. OEM misses you!!!
#21 Amazing
This is truly inspiring...
#20 Captivating!!
Such a beautiful piece of music to go along with an amazing choreographed happy and excited you are a part of DPP best to you always...Good Luck!!
#19 Flawless
Simply flawless, expect nothing less from Michael, such an amazing choreographer!

#18 Michael Susten
I saw this performed and it was simply beautiful!!
#17 dancer
please come teach at my studio!!!!!
#16 Michael
I'm so honored I had the chance to do this piece at JDWC. So beautiful.
#15 Michael ,
Amazing performance .
#14 Amazing!!
Beautiful, Michael! So glad you are a part of my young dancer's world!

#13 Work of Art
Michael, you are so talented and your dancers are phenomenal. Bravo!
#12 #1 awesome !!!malefaction-Michael Susten
Breathtaking work - wonderful choreography and music. compelling and beautiful. congratulations to the Choreographer and his beautiful dancers. Well Done. Brigitte
#11 Beautiful
Love this....
#10 Love
The amount of talent in this video is insane! I wish I could have seen this dance live. So much energy! Bravo ladies.
#9 Amazing
This was the best same I ever saw!!!!

#8 Amazing
#7 Dance
Omg this is so great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
#6 Xhale
Jesus. I'm so lucky I saw it live! So so good!
#5 amazing
So refreshing to see a strong female cast dancing together. Beautiful job girls!
#4 Dance!
Omg! This dance is amazing! Wish I could be in it! Good luck! You are all so fierce!

#3 Good luck
The most beautiful dance ever everyone should vote for it
#2 malefaction-Michael Susten
Beautiful piece of choreography, exceptional, love, love, loved it. Michael deserves to win.
#1 Beautiful
This piece is stunning and compelling!! It is refreshing to a piece with such maturity on here! Great job, and hope to see more!
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