me doing pointe for one of the first times in my room. i have not had my laces sewn on them yet

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#13 ?
umm those look really big! and in the future dont do pointe on carpet
#12 ok no...
first of all this was horrible.... yu dnt even have yur shoes laced at all. and everytime yu rose on pointe,,, yur knees were bent and yu can tell.... sorry but thats a no
#11 were those shoes fit by a professional?
a dancer's pointe shoes are an extension of her foot-they should feel like a part of you. they should not be incredibly comfortable, yet should not hurt. & they should not gap all around your foot as those do. i fit shoes professionally & i notice a lot of my clients come to me previously fit for comfort-a terrible idea. comfortable pointe shoes lead to broken ankles. have your teacher check the fit & practice in your kitchen. dont worry how good you are on day one thats what practice is for!
#10 huh
what are you doing
#9 too big.
those shoes look too big.

#8 Don't dance on your own
Please don't practice on carpet!!! Also, don't dance until you have the ribbons and elastics sewn. You could injure yourself. But if you do want to practice on your own. (I know how exciting new pointe shoes are), practice with a chair for a bar and do releves, eleves, ashapas, and susus! (Sorry that I can't spell in french. Don't do any of thsi, until you sew on the elastics and ribbons. Good luck!! You'll looooooooooovvvveee pointe!!
#7 Roll through your feet!
Really roll through your feet! Through quarter, half, 3/4 and full pointe. If you put a little rubbing alcohol on your box, it'll make it easier to roll up and down.
#6 umm
your shoes look too big...but maybe it's because you don't have your ribbons on yet. you need to work on your flexibility but your ankles and feet look strong
Please try to dance on a hard floor! it is very dangerous to dance en pointe on carpet!!!! and also, it would be a good idea to sew on your pointe ribbons and elastics! But keep up the good work! i sure you will be a great pointe dancer!! :)
#4 yes
i have had a pointe class

#3 constructive criticism
those shoes look too big and your sinking down into them. dancing on carpet is really bad for you, and you need to sew your ribbons on your shoes
#2 dont take offense but...
you shouldnt be dancing en pointe on carpet! thats a nono in the ballet world, and dont dance until you have classes. btw they are RIBBONS & ELASTICS, not laces :D
#1 please
comment this video please
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