Mackenzie Moore - Dance Spirit 2008 Cover Model Search entrant

Mackenzie Moore - 2008 Dance Spirit Cover Model Search entrant

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#7 point
you have really long limbs and that hard to work with i get that but your pirroettes (sp?) kinda scared me, i found myself getting scared wondering if you were going to hurt yourself
#6 both
your technique like (turnout and point and all that stuff was much better in the 2nd one. but the tricks were great in the first one. the first one... hmmm your tricks were good but your dancing was i gotta admit was a little retarded but your a good dancer but remember its not all about tricks. you rock!!! :-)
#5 okay.
i liked your second dance A LOT better than the first. i think that is more your stlye if you want to go far with dancing, career-wise. i thought the third piece was okay. it was my least fav. use those long legs and keep practicing!
#4 first dance
lol im guessing u went to UDA last summer and learned the fergie team routine.
#3 pointe???
my critiquing is only for your pointe section, on the first chene turn you did, you cheated by already having your left foot on pointe which is not good in comps or just performances,,, you seemed to do a prep for your pirioute turn but there pretty much was no change in the stance that you were already in, and you have no turn out what so ever. i would say that jazz is your best genre even though i absolutely hated the choreography. my 6 year old sister choreographs better than you. sorry.

#2 Great Job!
Great control in your turns and great expression in your dances! Make sure your leg stays in secong when doing turns in second. Good job girl! :)
#1 Turn out?
Nice but you really need to point your toes and where is your turn out???
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