Juliette Irons Choreography/Company Show Excerpts- "DISORDER"

Choreography by Juliette Irons Dancers:Matt Luck, Ryan Spencer, Sara Silkin Excerpts: Chelsea Thedinga, Miranda Maleski, Christian Beasley, Kate Supplee, Jesse Johnson "DISORDER" Based on the neurological phenomenon of Synaesthesia, Juliette Irons just had her first debut full company show march 2013! A exploration through a shift in perception on the world of mental dis[ability]. Using projection and animation, Juliette creates a physical experience for the audience of what the world of Synaesthesia is like, while giving the audience a chance to reach a new state of mind on the topic of "normalcy", and life under the label of a condition or "disorder". Competing at the Ace Awards would be the absolute opportunity of a lifetime for Juliette, as well as her newfound company (Art.uncensored), and could be the kickstart we really need!! Juliette's goal is to change and inspire as many lives and minds through dance as humanly possible!!

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Event: Capezio A.C.E. Award Competition 2013
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