"The Braying Mule"

"The Braying Mule" is about dancers pushing themselves to the limit through movement while experiencing every day life. A particular movement can be executed many different ways based on the style and body language of one single dancer. The comfort zone of one person may not the the same of their peer and this piece shows how each dancer adapts to a certain style. Choreograhy: Sarah Grooms Dancers: Sarah Grooms, Amanda McCormick, Christine Sienicki, Sarah Staker and Emily Stillings

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Event: Capezio A.C.E. Award Competition 2013
Category: General
Keywords: Sarah Grooms, The Braying Mule
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Overall rating: 4.1
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#1 Brilliant Moves
You've got some really nice moves. You should upload them on www.tallenge.com for the Dance Contest and invite your friends to vote for you. I'm pretty sure that you could win. Upload your dance video and let me know ! Would love to be the 1st to vote :)
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