LATIN FUSION Real Latin + Real Commercial Dance

LATIN FUSION is an original style of Ashlé Dawson. www.AshleDawsonIsEverywhere.com It was created for the purpose of seamlessly blending technique, grace, and commercial dance elements with the fiery, sensual, heart pounding rhythms of latin music, culture, and dance. This is just an example. The piece to be presented at the ACE awards is strongly contemporary based, incorporating floorwork, displaying daring aggressive partnering following with a very heavy storyline based around Domestic Violence...the piece will be debuted May 12th by Broadway Dance Centers Professional Semester Program entitled "El Machismo Mata"

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Overall rating: 4.9
Votes: 62
303 points


#22 Hot!
That was awesome, something fresh and exhilarating!
#21 Ashle ROCKS!!!
Ashle is not only an AMAZING choreographer but one of the most talented dancers as well as professionals that Ive ever worked with. This is all in addition to her being one of the SWEETEST ladies in the biz! Above & Beyond loves you girl!!!! Make sure to VOTE VOTE VOTE!!! xoxo
#20 Great :)
wonderfull coreography, <3 Marina Abbrescia <3
#19 Ashlé
#18 Ashlé
I forgot to add, she knows her brand very well. Need I say more?

#17 Ashlé Dawson - Latin Fusion
I vote for Ashlé Dawson and YES for Latin Fusion. Fun and technique put together dancing with vibrant people full of good energies every time she leads a class. <3 Ashlé, awesome teacher and amazing person inside and out. Yeah, LF!!!
#16 YES
she's got my vote! awh yeah
#15 Amazing choreography!
Ashle gets my vote!
#14 Camote
Ashle es espectacular, una gran bailarina y coreografa
#13 Camote
Ashle es espectacular, una gran bailarina y coreografa

#12 *
I cant stop watching this, I think this is the 10th time now.
#11 ***
Ashle is just the best!! Such an amazing choreographer and teacher!
#10 SWAG!
That was everything! Ashle is everything!
#9 Get It
Ashle is an amazing choreographer and teacher. She has so much passion for what she does, and she is so committed!
#8 Latin Love
I LOVE LOVE LOVE dancing in this company and Ashlé is one of the most amazing people I know and deserves this opportunity! Help latin fusion out! Tell the world!

#7 Ashle Dawson
Ashle is a beast of a dancer and choreographer! She is educated in what she teaches and passes down knowledge, not just steps :) Weppaaa!!!
#5 lys moya
wuauuuuuu!!!!! really goooooooddddd!!!!
#4 Amazing!!
I live this Choreo Ashlè did an amazing job Love it lots!!
#3 - silence -
at loss for words, another amazing Ashle Dawson project!

#2 so
#1 Great!!
Ashle is bada**!!!!!
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