HINGED Dance Co perform 'Rainman'

HINGED - A new contemporary dance company that seeks to find new audiences for contemporary dance. Hinged is a story based company that want to create a filmic experience for the audience through contemporary dance. The proposed work is based upon the book and film, ’Rain Man’ written by Barry Morrow. The choreography will use intricate gestures that capture the mathematical thought patterns of Peeks’ wonderful brain. Millions of people have read this book and tens of millions have seen the film, this helps the audience follow the story in a piece that is essentially dance, allowing them to concentrate on the moment to moment lives of the characters. It also opens this medium of dance up to a larger percentage of the theatre - going public. As musicals have proved, for better or worse, audiences like going to see something they have heard of before. Throughout her choreographic projects Taira has developed her own style, she likes to fuse hip hop with contemporary dance this is because it is energetic and dynamic and has fantastic story telling aspects. By mixing elements of this popular dance style with more formal high end contemporary dance we will not only create a dance environment the audience is more comfortable with, but increase the range of movement and number of narrative devices we are able to use. By making the audience feel comfortable in the fast paced ensemble numbers we can then easily introduce them to the less familiar styles of choreography in the duets and solos or visa versa. The dancers will be learning, through rehearsals, a new acting system which will be taught by accomplished actor and director, Chris Lennon. Chris trained at Guilford School of Acting and has had a successful career performing in West End shows including Billy Elliot, Blood Brothers, Starlight Express, Fame, Grease, Skellig and others. Working with directors such as Trevor Nunn, Stephen Daldry and Peter Darling, Chris has started creating his own acting system specifically for dancers. Experimenting first with early Stanislavski’s approach to character and physical versions of Meisners repeating exercises to improve spontaneity and give the dancers performances more depth. Then using the psycho physical approaches of late Stanislavski and Michael Chekov to produce real feeling and truth in the dancer’s performance. Dancers by their nature have good physicality so this psycho physical system should be easily accessible to them. By mixing these techniques and with your help we could see this exciting new system start to change and develop the skill set of these dancers and possibly their approach to performing. Producing work that is not only beautiful to look at but will move the audience intellectually or emotionally through narrative and character. Review from our last piece of work 'The Soloist' 'The final work of the evening, HINGED’s The Soloist, was without doubt the most complete group performance of my Resolution! experience. Performed by choreographer Taira Foo’s mammoth cast of twelve dancers, this narrative work was attacked with dynamism and crisp precision. Power relationships flit back and forth as the protagonist, a violin player, seemingly conducts the chorus’ every move through the swish of his bow and ripple of his body. The performance was textured, complex, chaotic, pulsing, thrusting, bubbling and explosive… Lucy Jarvis Taira Foo created 'HINGED' dance company in 2011. , we want to create a filmic experience for the audience through contemporary dance

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Event: Capezio A.C.E. Award Competition 2013
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