Choreography by Eryn Waltman, artistic director of Conteur Dance Company. Danced by Kelly Shaw, Mia DiLena, Jenna Tabachnick, Emma Portner, Bianca Melchior, Justin Lopes and Akria Uchida. Videography by Alvin Collantes. ***The following video features experimental concepts and movement in preparation for Conteur Dance Company’s upcoming season. With the development of our world as we presently know it, there comes strong expectations, preconceived notions, and a desire to be socially compatible, which alters the framework of one’s authentic perception of surroundings, of time, of purpose, and ultimately of the self. Such a fabricated conception of life places the individual out of perspective. “To put into perspective” - The act of redefining one’s perception of the simple matters, thereby allowing the individual to first see and then go about gaining a genuine sense of fulfillment in succeeding to accomplish the greater objectives.

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Overall rating: 4.9
Votes: 36
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#5 re(spective)
You continue to raise the bar. Fascinating concept beautifully executed. Eager to see more . . . Exciting times!
#4 Inspirational
Clever mix of physicality and authenticity, well done!
#3 re(spective)
This is pure magnificence. I am sitting here in complete awe. In love with all of you.
#2 beautiful
Beautiful as alwas. Well done Eryn Waltman
#1 Bravo!
Intricate, sophisticated, artful - world class! Your floor work and partnering in this piece is clearly your "signature"; some very talented dancers have performed your vision beautifully. Congratulations Eryn - we wish you continued success as you elevate contemporary dance to a new and exciting level.
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